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Weather and Tides

The Indian Ocean Tradewinds create two season splits by a transitional period.


The South-East wind blows from March to September. A strong wind which can bring rain in May & June. It also brings rough water so of the boat movements take place inshore and it is not the season for Snorkelling due to silt from the Tana River.


The gusty North East wind blows from some time in December to January. The water is often clear but there can be a strong wind in the afternoon.


This is the transitional period between the trade winds, end of October-early December and February-March. This season brings a calm light easterly breeze ad clear waters, perfect for snorkelling and fishing.


Our lives are ruled by the tides in the archipelago. There are two Low and High tides daily, with 6 hours between each. The cycle is about one hour later each day. The difference between High and Low tides vary with the moon.

Spring Tide:

Spring Tide occurs every two weeks over the Full and New moons. During Spring Tide the current is very strong in the channel.

Neap tide:

Neap tide occurs on both half moons and has minimal difference between High and Low tide. Since the movement is so little, the water tends to be at its cleared over the Neap Tides.

Weather and tides: About
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