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Tusitiri Dhow

A five star experience

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Sailing, trips and dinners

Dhows are traditional wooden sailing boats originally built for carrying exotic spices and goods along the Indian Ocean trade routes.
Tusitiri Dhow was hand crafted in Lamu as a trading vessel over 50 years ago. She has since been meticulously restored and converted by her owners, and today she is a majestic and luxurious vessel offering dhow safaris in the Lamu archipelago in Kenya.
Tusitiri is ideal for families or a group of friends wanting a unique and private experience amongst the beautiful and historic islands of the north Kenyan coast.
The Tusitiri can be chartered on an exclusive basis for multi-night dhow safaris for up to 10 guests, taken for day trips (from 9.30am until 6.30pm) or sundowner excursions (from 4.30pm until 9.30pm) from Lamu Town for up to 25 guests.


Dhow trips by Abdul Mohammed Ali

• SUNSET on dhow
An absolute classic of Lamu's life which can be tailored to the clients' requirements. Wheter your style is fizzing or relaxing, you cannot miss out on a sailing at sunset in Lamu. 
- time: 4:30pm - 7:00pm  approx
- cost: Ksh 1,500 per person (minimum fee Ksh 8,000)

• SUNSET + DINNER on the dhow
The ultimate treat. 
Ideal for spending half a day chilling and eventually enjoy a delicious dinner under a starry sky. 

lly includes: grilled fresh fish, delicious fresh salad or coconut vegetable sauce, grilled chapatis, coconut rice cooked in the traditional way, plenty of fresh seasonal fruit and water.
If you would like drinks, feel free to bring your own or request the captain ahead of time.
- time: 4:30pm - 9:00pm approx
- cost: Ksh 3,500 per person (minimum fee Ksh 13,000)
* A brief visit to Manda Maweni village can be added to this experience.

Many other options are available; 

-day tour to Manda Toto or Kipungani contact Abdul for more information and the fare of the trips.


Hippo Dhow

Hippo Dhow is the premier dhow experience in Lamu offering customized trips to Kipungani, Matandoni, Manda Toto, Kiwayu, and more. Join us for a sunset, a sunrise, a moon cruise, a day trip, or a lunch sail. Hippo Dhow believes in responsible tourism and employs the Shela Women’s Association to provide Swahili snacks on our trips. We also source our fabrics from artisans and support fair trade.



Catamaran trip

1-Full day trip to Kipungani/ Manda toto.

2-One night to 2 night in Kiwayu.

3-Sun set 

4-Half day on boat with or without food.

5-Snorkling in kinyika rock.

6-Over night to

 Kipungani/Manda toto.

#and many more service which client can wish on boat like birthday party, weeding party....

Dhow and boat trips: Tours
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