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Kiwayu Island

Talking about remote

Kiwayu Island is located at the extreme northern end of the Kenya Coast, close to the border with Somalia.

This stunningly remote and beautiful island is around 10km long and on average only about 500m wide. It's essentially a sand spit, with mangrove forests and a small village on the landward lagoon, a broad sandy beach and some modest reefs on the ocean side.

The mainland in this area largely consists of inlets filled with mangrove forests, but with a couple of bays containing blissfully remote sandy beaches.

Further inland there are some little-known and little-visited wildlife reserves.

We absolutely love this area, for us it is by far the most remote and beautiful section of the Kenya Coast.

Kiwayu is a part of the Kiunga Marine National Reserve. This pristine ecosystem incorporates a chain of about 50 calcareous offshore islands and coral reefs in the Lamu Archipelago. Visitors can view the teeming sea life in the coral reefs, sea grass and extensive mangrove forests which are a refuge for sea turtles and dugongs. The reserve provides ideal opportunities for wind surfing, diving and snorkelling, water skiing and sunbathing.We recommend staying here, especially for people who are really looking to get away from it all.

Kiwayu Island: Tours
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