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What to do Manda: Tours

Takwa Ruins

Once held as one of the Kenya coast’s largest settlements, the Manda Island is once-thriving community abandoned the town in the 17th century. The cause is not clear, but the most probable reason was the depletion of fresh water on the island. Today the coral stone ruins are one of the most popular destinations for a day trip from Lamu or Shela. Take a Dhow or a slow boat and visit this special historical site.

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Enjoy a sunset Dhow trip

Make a reservation for a day trip to Manda Toto, have a freshly made lunch on board or at the small island, enjoy swimming and snorkelling. Or enjoy a sunset sail and take music, drinks and bites along to complete the experience.


Beach walk to the Battery ruin in Ras Kitau

Walk all the way to Ras Kitau and visit the Battery , be sure to do it with low tide and wear shoes.


Movie night Thursdays at Diamond Beach villas

At 17.00 you can start with a drink, order a lovely pizza and wait for the special movie to be projected on the wall of the bar. It is good fun, Rachel the owner will let you know what movie will be shown in advance.

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