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Businesses on the Island

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Businesses: Tours

Lamu Animal Welfare Clinic

Dr. Mary Muthoni takes care of your pets and other animals in her clinic in Lamu Town.


Utukuni Enterprise

If you seek your house to be managed, Khadija can help you. From making arrangements with your staf, paying your tourist revenues, keeping books on household costs and paying salaries and insurances. She will check the house before guests come in and will make sure everything is in order and clean. If maintenance is necessary she will make sure te let you know and will handle any matter. Utukuni enterprise handles many houses in Lamu Town and Kizingo.

Greece City

BGPS House Management

If you seek Housemanagement based in Shela, BGPS House management can help you keep your house in order and up to date when guests come. Shela based, BGPS house management has a wide range of houses in Shela they manage. They help you with your staf, maintenance, salaries, taxes and they will make sure your house is in good order.

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Safari link aviation ltd

Book you flights to and from Lamu. Safari Link have a daily schedule from Wilson, Nairobi to Lamu at 13.50 arriving on Manda Airport at 15.15. Departing Lamu everyday 16.15 and arriving at Wilson, Nairobi at 18.10.

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Away to Africa

Away to Africa is a destination management company dedicated to providing guided, cultural tours throughout select countries in Africa. Away to Africa offers personalized small group travel packages for a flat fee which includes lodging, gourmet traditional food, cultural tours and an Away to Africa representative who travels on the road with the group 24/7 to ensure a safe, enjoyable experience for all of our travelers.

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Lamu Life Style

Lamu Island on the tropical Indian Ocean coast of Kenya, is like nowhere else you have ever been. Planning a holiday there is easy with Lamu Lifestyle. Lamu Life style offers accommodation, Dhow trips, Island hopping and day tours

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Lamu Town, The Factory

Welcome to Lamu: Africa’s Most Captivating Artists Retreat
A remote African island is home to an extraordinary artists retreat created by bon vivant Nicholas Logsdail—founder of Lisson Gallery

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Earth Love ltd

EARTH LOVE LTD is a Kenyan company inc. 2019. Focus on sustainable IGAs , Reforestation, Tree Nursery, consultancy, realizing implementation of development projects

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Kivulini planners

Kivulini Planners is a Full Service Events company specializing in, and not limited to, Private events, Destination weddings, Wellness Events, and Experiences within Lamu Island.
We also offer personalized safaris and travel logistics within Kenya on request.

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Lala Lamu

Bespoke travel agent, accomodation and concierge in Shela Village

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BGPS Management

Angelica Scheütz manages several houses in Shela. Her constant effort and high quality makes staying over in one of the beautiful houses a truly special experience. Her eye for detail can be found in all Shela houses she runs. Shela Houses are the synonym of exotic houses to revive your mind. She provides a collection of enchanting coastal houses in the intriguing village of Shela in Kenya. 


Aquelle glass bottled water

Aquelle by Komax investment Limited is the leading supplier of returnable glass bottles water, hot & cold water. Dispensers & 18.9L Bottled water

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Dion Wine importer

If you wish to purchase good wines on the Island Dion is the company to contact. They import a variety of French, Italian, Australian, Spanish, Argentinian American, Chilian, New Zealand and South African wines. Good quality for good prices. Order and it will be delivered at your home.


Nannies for hire

If you would like to have a good Nannie to look after your children while you are going out or have long beach walk? Contact one of these ladies

Giraffe Eating Tree

African Safari Tour

If you’re looking to explore something truly unique, take my African Safari Tour. You’ll discover hidden gems, hear surprising stories and leave feeling like a local. Just sign up and let me take care of all the details.

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The travelling Wakili

The Travelling Wakili is a bespoke travel company whose ethos are built around providing safe and inclusive travel experiences for women on the African continent. 

We adhere to the principles of sustainability, equity, diversity and inclusion. 

Our founder, Njeri Gachuhi, is analytical lawyer and social justice activist who merged her passion for championing for the rights of women and sexual minorities with her passion for travelling to build a travel start up.

Wakili is Swahili for lawyer; The Travelling Wakili translates to The Travelling Lawyer.

We have 2 main products: scheduled group trips & custom itinerary planning.


Kids in motion

This is your Service Description. Use this space to explain this service in more detail.

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Shela Women's Association

This association provides sustainable  income for Shela ladies who offer Swahili luch or dinner and take away and they have a lovely shop and give workshop on Swahili cooking!

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