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Marine reserve and back to nature

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Kai House

Kai House is set on the Idyllic Island of Kiwayu within the Kiunga Marine Reserve. Kiwayu Island is part of the Lamu Archipelago. 

Kai House began when I worked at Mikes Camp for many years and together with the island community we built this house traditional style out of palm fronds and coconut leaves mangroves and driftwood. Now we have been hosting guests here for 6 years. 

It’s in the most idyllic setting The full name Maja Kai means Water Village. 

Comfortable affordable accommodation.

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Baobabs of Kitangani

The Baobabs of Kitangani camp is nestled under ancient baobabs on Kiwayu Island, in the Kiunga Marine Reserve. For exclusive use, 3 bandas and 1 family room, an experienced, friendly team to look after you.
Boats and activities available on request.

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